About CR02

The target of CR02 was to build upon the success of CR01b and to improve the car's design. The same, heavy CBR600 F4i engine was used to maximise power output but the introduction of the aluminium honeycomb hybrid design chassis helped shed weight. The design was developed through a combination of FEA and hand-calculations and gave a weight loss of 23% and a stiffness gain of 18.5%. A new intake and exhaust system with extensive mapping on the dynamometer have helped to improve throttle response and power from the Honda CBR600 engine. Other parts of the car were replaced with carbon fibre where possible for additional weight loss.

Other targeted improvements were improved rear toe stiffness, driver visibility and ergonomics. One of the lessons learnt from CR01b was the prevention of driver fatigue after prolonged racing. This car was therefore designed with lighter steering as well as improved suspension and handling. The new layout of the car gave a much lower centre of gravity by keeping the driver's legs as low as possible. Cast aluminium uprights give for optimum material usage and improved installation stiffness. The system has one light-weight Wilwood brake with custom floating discs per wheel to avoid turn-in understeer in comparison to the previous single differential brake.

CR02 is Cardiff Racing's most successful car to date. It was placed 8th in the FS2005 and came 2nd in the UK.


Body Aluminium honeycomb/Steel spaceframe hybrid
Brakes Alcon, Willwood
Suspension Push rod actuated double unequal length A-arm
Tyres Goodyear
Wheels Keizer 3pc wheel, custom magnesium centres
Engine Name Honda CBR600 F4i
Engine type DOHC fluid cooled four cylinder four-stoke
Engine Capacity 599 cc
Bore & Stroke 6.70 x 42.5 (mm)
Compression Ratio 12.0 : 1
Inlet Wave tuned carbon fibre plenum (side fill)
Injection Denso sequential high pressure
Exhaust Stainless steel 4-2-1. Custom carbon fibre silencer

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