About CR13

2017 was an historic year for Cardiff Racing, CR13 was named Gwyneth after Tom Pryce's Mother to mark 40 years since the only Welsh F1 in history tragically passed. A livery was also chosen as an homage to Pryce's Shadow cars. there were other big changes afoot within Cardiff racing also, with the retirement of the Aprilia SXV in favour of a new Triumph Street Triple, bringing with it improved reliability and more power than was previously possible thanks to the larger capacity allowed in the rules. It was decided early on that the team would also run on E85 during the 2017 season to maximize power from the engine with the added benefit of lower CO2 emissions.

Following the trend of the previous 2 seasons greater emphasis was placed on aerodynamics, with elements being added across the chassis to maximize the effects and bring ever increased cornering grip. The monocoque was refined to improve front-end ground clearance while the spaceframe had to be totally redesigned to accommodate the brand new, larger, engine. Suspension was not left out of the overhaul with whole new geometries and a rear heave spring to control movement of the increased mass. With all this development and many months of grafting away CR13 made her way to Silverstone and with the team performing excellently in all the static events, dynamics began with continued success. More good results followed before lunch on Saturday when Autocross began. Gwyneth performed beautifully producing a series of very fast times, and Setting the fastest lap of the competition at the hands of our very own Fast Welshman.

After a restless night all around, Endurance was upon us, thanks to the spectacular showing in Sprint CR13 would be last on track, and it was making for a fascinating competition with numerous teams still in contention for the overall win. Both Cardiff Drivers drove without incidence and finished Endurance with an overall time of 28min:36seconds. Then came the waiting, final competition results were to be announced in the evening. Every member of Cardiff Racing, Past and current were on the edge of our seats watching the livestreams, and then it was official. Cardiff Racing will forever be remembered as the first UK team to win the Formula Student UK event, a truly historic achievement and testament to all the hard work and dedication put into the project over the years.

Many thanks to all the support received from our Sponsors, from all of us here at Cardiff Racing
Diolch o galon i bawb am yr holl gefnogaeth rydym wedi dderbyn ers y cystadleuaeth

Results breakdown

Business 4th 70 points
Cost 11th 64 points
Design 7th 125 points
Acceleration 5th 54 points 4.406sec
Skidpan 4th 40 points 5.291sec
Auto Cross 1st 150 points 55.852sec
Endurance 2nd 292 points 28min 36sec
Efficiency 8th 59 points



855.6 points


Body Aluminium monocoque / rear spaceframe
Brakes Custom 188mm steel discs
Calipers Front - Brembo P2-34, Rear - AP Racing CP4226
Suspension Front push rod Fox Van RC dampers with Coil Springs
Rear push rod Fox Van RC dampers with Fox Float heave spring
Tyres Avon A92
Wheels 3 piece, Keizer rims and centres
Engine Name Triumph 675 Street Triple
Engine type DOHC fluid cooled three cylinder four-stoke, running on E85
Engine Capacity 675 cc
Bore & Stroke 75 x 52 (mm)
Compression Ratio 12.9 : 1
Inlet Laser sintered plenum
Injection Keihin KN6
Exhaust Student designed twin mufflers
mixed absorbative and reactive noise reduction
Drive Train Drexler differential
Final Drive 3.8:1
Length 2835mm
Width 1368mm
Height 1175 mm
Wheelbase 1560 mm
Track 1190 / 1120 mm

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